About triangle.com

What is triangle.com and how long has it been around?

Triangle.com is a website that brings together many kinds of info about living in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. You can use triangle.com it to find a house or apartment, select a movie to see tonight, share your photographs with others in the community, find out about water restrictions, look for a puppy, comment on current events and so on. The original triangle.com launched about 10 years ago and has evolved over the years. The current version went live on Nov. 1, 2007, with a brand-new look, organization and concept. The site is owned and powered by The News & Observer.

Where does the stuff on triangle.com come from?

Depends on what stuff you’re talking about. “Share” stuff comes from people who live in the Triangle and submit photos, community news and that kind of thing to share. Some people are blogging on share, and others are talking with each other in the forum section. The information in "Know" comes mostly from The N&O, either from reporters or researchers or info that was published previously. On "Shop", the info about jobs, cars, and so forth comes from advertisers. The featured blog, ‘Taking Stock,’ is written by an N&O reporter. And on "Enjoy", info about things to do comes from a lot of sources – movie theaters, arts presenters, community groups.

Can I customize triangle.com?

Anyone can set a location (in the search bar near the top of each page) and get tailored search results. If you become a share member, you can upload a photo of yourself to appear with your blog or forum entries.

I have a great idea for your site. How can I clue you in?

Click here and get our “talk to us” email form.

Can I report a bug / problem / glitch?

Please do! You’ll find a form right here.

What does RSS mean and how does it work?

RSS stands for “really simple syndication,” and it’s an automated way to tell your computer to snag the latest updates about things that interest you on various sites. If there’s a blog you really enjoy, for example, you can subscribe to it using RSS that you’ll get all the posts. Look for the RSS letters or symbol.

What are tags?

Tags are a way of assigning “key words” to a photo, blog, forum post, etc., that can help other people find them. Say, for example, you live in Holly Springs and you want other people there to see your events, photos, and so forth. Just tag your posts with Holly Springs, and they can.

Using triangle.com

Do I have to sign up to use triangle.com?

Nope, but if you do become a member, you’ll be able to join the conversations in the forums, share your photographs and do some other cool things.

Your triangle.com membership

I’ve forgotten my password. Help!

Click here, then enter your email address. We’ll send the PW to the email address you used to become a member.

How do I change my password?

Log in, then click here. You’ll go to the newsobserver.com registry, which keeps track of triangle.com members, too.

I want to change my member name. How do I do that?

Sorry, but you have to keep the one you chose when you joined.

How do I customize my member photo (avatar)?

Log in, then click on your member name at the top of the page. Next, click the "edit" tab, which will take you to the Account Settings page. Scroll to "picture" and click the browse button to choose the photo or icon you want from your computer. It should be 55 pixels wide by 55 pixels high and no bigger than 10 KB. Once you’ve chosen your photo, go to the bottom of the page and click on “submit.”

I’ve changed. How do I update my member info?

Log in and click on your member name at the top of the page. Next click "edit,” then "about me.” You’ll get a page where you can update your personal info. Don’t forget to click “submit” when you’re finished.

Who can see my profile?

Everybody, so be careful what you include. Remember, the internet is a very public place!

How can I get the site to remember me, my preferred location and other stuff?

Just be sure the browser you’re using (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) has “cookies” enabled.

What do the user points mean?

User points are just for bragging rights. Members receive points every time they contribute to triangle.com.

  • Posting a photo or other image: 5 points
  • Starting a group: 5 points
  • Starting a forum topic: 2 points
  • Posting an event (in a group): 2 points
  • Posting a blog entry: 2 points
  • Creating a poll (in a group): 2 points
  • Posting a comment (anywhere): 1 point

If you’d like to see who’s most active on the site, click here. By the way, anybody who posts gibberish to run up points will be DQ’d.


What’s a forum?

It’s an online conversation about something of interest to triangle.com members. The share forums are loosely organized into “categories” (which are just labels) such as entertainment, politics, food, photography, sports. Within those labeled areas, folks start more specific “topics” such as “comics in The N&O” or “photography equipment.”

How do I get started with the forums?

It’s a good idea to spend a little time reading existing forums to get a feel for how they’re sorted and what people are talking about. Then you just need to join triangle.com (it’s a simple online form) to get a member name and you can begin to comment or “post.” When you’re ready, click on the “start a topic” button on the page you’re reading. Or click here.

What do I not want to do, as a newcomer?

Sometimes people start a new topic each time they want to say something, rather than checking whether there’s already a conversation they could join. The result can be a lot of “topics” with very few comments in each one… it’s like a bunch of different conversations going on about the same thing but with only a few people participating in each one.

What are those little symbols at the bottom of someone’s forum post?

Some are bookmarks so you can find the post again quickly or recommend it to various sites. Others let the person commenting also send his or her remarks to other sites such as “newsvine.” When you mouse over the symbols, you’ll see a little note about each one.

How do I report an inappropriate comment?

Click here to get our “talk to us” form and give us the details. It’s really helpful to include the URL (the page where you saw the comment.)

Will my forum comment appear in the newspaper?

Maybe, so take that into account as you post.


What is a blog, anyway?

Blog is short for “web log,” and it’s more or less an online diary written by a person (as opposed to a group or organization). Blogs are as individual as their authors, and there are a bazillion of them online now. Blogs can be political, personal, funny, serious. Just remember, it may feel like a diary as you write it, but everybody can read it. So don’t overshare info that could embarrass you later.

How do I start a blog on triangle.com?

When you become a triangle.com member, you’ll automatically be able to blog on the site. Just go to your membership page and look for the “blog” label. If you click on “view latest blog entries” (even if there aren’t any), you’ll get to a page that invites you to post. Or click here.

How do I post to my blog?

Click here to get the form.

What is the URL (Web site address) of my blog?

Go to your membership page (click on your member name where it says, ‘Welcome xxxxx.”) Then click on "view recent blog entries" and look at the address in your browser window. It will say something like: http://share.triangle.com/user/####. That’s your blog URL.

Will my blog entries appear in the newspaper?

Maybe, so don’t post anything you wouldn't want to see in print.

Can I change my blog's theme (template)?

Not yet but maybe in the future. If you want a personal blog with a custom look, there are plenty of web services that do that.

How do I report an inappropriate comment?

Click here or on the “talk to us” link. It’s at the bottom of every page on the site.

Does my blog have its own RSS feed?

Yes. Look for the RSS icon at the bottom of your blog page.


What is a group?

A group is an online place for triangle clubs and organizations to post images, news (via blogging), events and polls. Members can make content private so that only other members can see it.

Who can create a group?

Anyone. For example, you could have one for your neighborhood, your bridge club, your PTA, your church youth group.

How do I create a group?

Click here to get started. The person who starts the group serves as its administrator and can review comments before they are posted, manage the membership and so forth.


I want to post a photo. What do I do?

Log in, then click here. You’ll get a page titled “share photos.” Take it step by step, then click “share” when you’re ready to upload it to us.

Why is there a delay between when I share my photo and when it appears on the site?

Photos are reviewed by the triangle.com staff before they’re posted for public viewing. That’s so we can sift out obscene, harassing, libelous or copyrighted material. We try to be quick about it, but sometimes it takes a little while (if you post at midnight, for example, the photo won’t be reviewed until the next morning.) During the work day, it should take less than an hour for your photo to show up. Duplicate photos are deleted.

How do I report an inappropriate photo or comment?

Click here to get the “talk to us” email form.

How do I create a photo gallery of my stuff?

Photos are grouped by topic, location and tags. To group your photos into a gallery, give them all the same unique tag.

How do I edit my photo's information after it's posted?

You can edit any photo you submitted. Go to that photo and click on the "edit" link next to the photo title. (You have to be logged on.)

How long will my photo stay online?

As long as your photo doesn't violate our terms of use policy, it'll stay online for as long as we offer this service -- or until you delete it.

Will my photo appear in the newspaper?

Maybe. From time to time, we may publish the best of Triangle.com in The News & Observer or its community newspapers. Don't post anything you wouldn't want to see in the newspaper, and please review our terms of use.

Will my photo be edited before it appears on Triangle.com?

Your photo might be resized to fit our pages, but it will not be edited.

I can’t get the photo thing to work. What am I doing wrong?

Hard to say, but you can learn a lot from the photographers’ forum topic called ‘how to post photos.’


Who can post information as news on triangle.com?

Just about anybody: Clubs and organizations, sports groups, individuals, schools, PTAs, businesses.

Anything off limits?

We don’t allow ads to be posted as news in disguise. For example, “Company X wants to hire 8 certified widget-makers” or “If you have this medical condition, you can earn money as a research subject” would not pass that test. But it is OK to post news about business-related stuff such as opening a new location, getting a new CEO or hosting an event for the public .

How do I get started?

Click here and use the handy form.

Who declares what gets posted?

News on share.triangle.com is moderated by triangle.com or N&O staff. The N&O powers and hosts triangle.com.

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