Guide to Third Friday Durham

Published Mon, Feb 13, 2012 07:47 AM
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See "Pulled Orange" by Andy Fleishman at Through The Lens Gallery on Third Friday. Courtesy of Andy Fleishman

Submitted by Melissa Howsam — Correspondent

Here's your guide to Third Friday Durham, February 17, 2012:

THE SCRAP EXCHANGE: Leaving Liberty: Works created by Daniel Bagnell using materials in (and rescued from) the Liberty Warehouse | 6 to 9 p.m. | On display until March 10.

"Artist Daniel Bagnell has been the collections coordinator and warehouse manager at The Scrap Exchange for over 5 years. This show will feature work created in the old Scrap Exchange warehouse space made entirely from odds and ends gathered there over the past five years (prior to the collapse of the roof in May 2011). From ready-mades to kinetic sculpture to collections of unexpected-like objects, the former Scrap warehouse has inspired an infinite variety of aesthetic assemblage and visual delights. Come and see what all those scraps were up to while nobody was looking. "

— Daniel Bagnell, collections coordinator (and exhibiting artist), The Scrap Exchange

THE CARRACK MODERN ART: carburetor, Art by Melissa Smith | 7 to 10 p.m. | On display until Feb. 24.

"Self-taught local artist Melissa Smith is fascinated by the world around her, and, like a little bird building a nest, she is constantly building new lovely objects with a sprinkle of heart and imagination. Melissa's multimedia art is joyful and whimsical and combines everything from textiles to shadowboxes to concert posters. Melissa's show will also feature music by several wonderful local bands! The line-up: Ellertronic, the debut show of Dave Z. and Bonnie P.; Curtis Eller, banjo ex.tra.or.di.naire; Wigg Report, indie goodness; Beloved Binge, Durham's finest duo with a bazoki and a korg."

— Laura Ritchie, gallery director, Carrack Modern Art

STUDIO 123 AT GOLDEN BELT: Painting the Town Red | 6 to 9 p.m. | Runs through February.

"Judy Bauman joins Studio 123 to show her brightest red art, while Matt Tomko and Chad Hughes show variations of their own crimson creations. Select works by 10 of Chad's current students will also be on display, some of which also contribute to the red theme. So if you are a fan of Valentine's Day, The Scarlet Letter, NC State or apples, you should stop into Golden Belt to see the view through their rose-colored glasses."

— Matt Tomko, artist, Studio 123 |

THROUGH THIS LENS GALLERY: Andy Fleishman: Starting w/ Photography | 6 to 9 p.m. | Runs until March 14.

"Sculptor/Designer Andy Fleishman's new photographic work embraces the camera, as well as digital design. Original photographs, sculptures and paintings, handcrafted and digital-surface designs, artist-created repetitive patterns, along with found objects, wind their way into this unique exhibition. Fleishman's inspiration can be found in '... finding the perfect curve ... illusion ... the beauty of white lines on a summer road...' By means of the images shown at THROUGH THIS LENS, Fleishman strives to present each captivating surface, in a way that will show the audience that it's only a veil. [The exhibit] will surprise and delight viewers on every level."

— Roylee Duvall, Through This Lens gallery

THE BASEMENT GALLERY: PG Adams: Glazed * Amazed | 6 to 9 p.m. | Runs until March 14.

"The BASEMENT, housed in the basement of Durham Arts Place, is a scrappy gallery featuring local artists and Susan Frosh Art & Design. Longtime Durhamite P.G. Adams shares her new work in the BASEMENT with an exhibition that showcases her unique ceramic forms, illuminated by the nuances of liquid glass."

— Susan Frosch, owner, the BASEMENT

Note: Enter gallery from alley behind building.

BULL CITY ARTS COLLABORATIVE/HORSE & BUGGY PRESS - UPFRONT GALLERY: Eno River Tapestries: New Work by Silvia Heyden | 6 to 9 p.m. | Runs until the end of March.

"We've expanded our foyer gallery. We now have a members' display wall upfront with work for show and sale in addition to the guest-artist exhibit area. The new exhibit in the guest-artist foyer gallery is curated by Kenny Dalsheimer, who made a documentary film about Silvia's work that will soon be out on DVD. At 84-years-young, Swiss-born tapestry weaver Silvia Heyden continues to produce stunning, Modernist tapestries, inspired by nature, music and her Bauhaus-influenced education. Heyden's genius with color and form explodes in these tapestries, inspired by the artist's daily hikes along the Eno River."

— Dave Wofford, curator/foyer gallery, BCAC/Horse & Buggy Press |

ANOMALY INC: The New Obsolete: A Performance by Invisible

"Our arts nonprofit, Anomaly Inc., is presenting the work of a visiting artist group, Invisible. Check out some of their machines. They will perform in February at an old Durham building we've secured for them at 108 Morris St. Invisible has created their own instruments and sound machines and has a live band playing with them. It's musical kinetic sculpture with a video and performance component. Microcephalic Superintendent (former members of Sharkquest) will open for them. We will also use the storefront window for video installations and arts space, and enhance street life with food trucks. This will add a very lively component to the cultural life of downtown Durham and to Third Friday.

— Tom Dawson, of Anomaly Inc.

"INVISIBLE is a mechanical music museum. INVISIBLE is dance music for your brain: The New Obsolete, featuring the Selectric Piano, multichannel video, a new drip-driven drum machine and four human elements. The show explores obsolescence in technology, as well as the human body. This installation is equal parts music performance, video and visual art with closed captioning provided by a live typist."

— Mark Dixon, artist, via Tom Dawson of Anomaly Inc. |

Notes: Event is at 108 Morris Street in downtown Durham. Food trucks begin at 7 p.m. Microcephalic Superintendent begins at 8 p.m. Invisible at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $7. The show will feature window exhibits of Invisible's sound machines through the end of February, and performances will be Feb. 17, 18, 24 and 25.

LabourLove After Hours
Kim Arrington is this month's featured artist in The Art of Cool Prorject's After Hours Concert at LabourLove Gallery.

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Third Friday Photos
Photos from the gallery walk in downtown Durham.



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