Behind the Bar with Skye Creech

Published Tue, Jul 03, 2012 01:55 PM
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Skye Creech from Spy Raleigh in downtown. Photo by Peter Musser

Submitted by Melissa Howsam — Correspondent

At Spy since it first spy-ed a spot in the trendy Warehouse District last June, the bar star, or "Papa Skye" (as coined by “one of our beautiful cocktailers,” co-worker Sarah Thompson) was the sexy sip spot’s first hire.

Dolin' drinks for a decade, this papa got his start at Carrabba’s Italian Grill in 2001, ultimately becoming the regional bar trainer, opening stores, and, you guessed it, training new tenders. With other stints at the likes of Deep South, Bison and the Goat along the way, the sipster is def in his element in the industry. "I love to entertain," he says. "When people come over to my home the first thing I do is fix them a drink! I also love to cook; I do it at least six days a week — it’s the Carrabba’s background in me!"

Honest to a fault and always looking for fun, on the other side of the shaker (and stove), he's a savvy entrepreneur of sorts and a dad with a passion for sports ("Go Broncos!"): "I own my own Real Estate Company called Blue Skye Realty … and I have three kids, so they definitely keep me busy. Right now, all three are playing baseball."

So whether it’s love of the game or love of the bar, this papa’s got it made. "I am a proud papa of three very beautiful children," he muses. "And I love my Spy family as well. I love to meet new people every day, and surround myself with the best friends a man could ask for. I couldn't be happier in another city."


Hometown: Winston-Salem.

You're the bartender of a happenin' downtown hot spot. Ya dig it? What’s not to love about being the bar staple at the busiest nightclub in Raleigh?

Spy's MO at inception was to create a "nightclub unlike any other." Success to date? Have you been there? If not, you're one of the few. … If so, you know we put on quite the show!

Spy was originally also a coffee bar. Is that part still operable? Tell us about the concept. Spy was opened as a coffee shop in the morning and nightclub at night, but we had so much early success with the nightclub we decided to concentrate on the latter.

You guys are mixing peerless potables. Give us the 411: Every bartender has their signature shots, anything from a Big League Chew (from Cooter Carter), to the Skittles (from Alex Freeman). Mine is the Pink Starburst.

Spy in three words: Place to be.

What we'd find at the sexy sip spot on an average Saturday night: Hundreds of Raleigh’s most well-dressed men and women dancing their asses off to the best beats in the Triangle. No lie!

What you love about the Raleigh bar scene: I love that I can pick a part of downtown for a night and be entertained by other wonderful bartenders all within walking distance of each other.

On your iPod? Breaking Benjamin.

Your app addiction: Still Words with Friends.

Must-drink: Kettle One dirty martini.

Never leave home without: Your wallet.

Your boo? My gorgeous wife of eight years, Christina.

Your life's current soundtrack: Whatever the DJ is playing!

If you're out to eat in the Triangle, we'll find you grubbing at: Love me some Bonefish or Busy Bee.

Best part about being behind the bar? Money, of course!

The advice you wish you could give thirsty patrons: The stronger the tip, the stronger the pour.

Other sip spots in the Triangle you've worked: Deep South, Bison and the Goat.

Spy Raleigh

330 W Davie Street

Raleigh, NC, 27601

Phone: 919.335.5779




Skye says come to Spy Raleigh because...

"It will change your life; well, at least your nightlife."

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