Behind the Bar with Steven Tomany

Published Mon, Jul 16, 2012 12:50 PM
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Steven Tomany from DIVEbar Raleigh. Photo by Peter Musser

Submitted by Melissa Howsam — Correspondent

At DIVEbar for four years, this 25-year-old sipster adds sound-savvy and a sidecar of sarcasm to the happening 'hole.' "I'm sarcastic and full of bad jokes ... so is my dog," says the tender's Twitter tag, with an apt handle to boot: @xJERKKx.

A Raleigh native, the tuneful tender spent a quartet of pre-DIVE years away from the Oak City, touring internationally between two signed bands (Alesana and We Were Gentleman), the latter of which he ultimately left to manage the bar full-time. "After coming back home, I started to work for a field promotions company in Raleigh and was able to use that as a good networking tool and transition into the bar scene, seeing as I was in them every night working ... or drinking," he laughs.

The '@jerk,' or, likewise, jack-of-all-trades, traded his tunes for a stint at DIVE as manager/bartender/sound guy. "I always loved coming in to the bar," he says, "so it was natural that I wanted to work here. As a musician I really love what my bar offers to bands and their fans. Whether they're locals or on tour, we make it possible for bands to be able to play a show, get paid and pick up new fans as our shows are always FREE!"

So if you want a drink, and some good tunes, "minus the smell of piss and Lysol," find a spot at this mocking mixster's bar. You won't be sorry. Tipsy, maybe.


Hometown: Raleigh, N.C.

DIVE's been around the brew block for sometime. What makes it stick? Good prices for the average person, FREE shows on the weekends, down-to-earth bar staff and patrons and a never-ending supply of sarcasm and jokes if you pop in on one of my nights.

You're the manager/bartender/sound guy extraordinaire for DIVE. What's it like to wear so many hats? It's stressful ... I don't [complain] though. It keeps me busy, that's for sure, but I like knowing everything is running smoothly.

What can we dig about DIVE? Musician ran bar/impromptu venue on the weekends with FREE shows and great specials all week long.

Scary Movie Sunday ... will it spook us? I personally prefer the ridiculous horror myself.

What DIVE isn't: It is what it isn't. It’s the black sheep of Glenwood South, where you can find a collective bar ranging from crust punk pizza makers to the middle-aged professional family man who gets psyched on hearing a King Diamond song come on over the PA.

What you love about the Raleigh bar scene: The alcohol.

You're thirsty? Which local bartender is mixin' your drinks (and where)? You can honestly catch me at any number of places, giving some love. Slim’s, though, would probably be my second home to DIVEbar. Their crabby old guy bartender tends to be my favorite one to stress out.

The "gospel," according to Steven: "I'm like a ball; that's how I roll."

On your current playlist? Last five song's to play while writing this at the bar: Thin Lizzy- "Cowboy Song," Sleep- "The Druid," Kyuss- "Fatso Forgotso," Misfits- "We Bite," and Helmet- "Clean."

Your app addiction: Stupid Zombies!!!!

Your go-to spot, other than DIVEbar: My porch.

Never leave home without: Locking your doors. (smiling)

To live on the edge, you... Jump off of it. Literally. It's an embarrassing story, so don't ask (laughs).

If you're out to eat in the Triangle, we'll find you grubbing at: MoJoe’s, Mellow Mushroom, El Rodeo or Calavera.

Best part about being behind the bar? Two words: Brian Flanagan!!!!

Other sip spots in the Triangle you've worked: None better than where I'm at now.

DIVEbar Raleigh

3 Glenwood Ave.

Raleigh, NC, 27603

Phone: 919.832.9363




Steven says come to DIVEbar because...

"There's something to be said for walking into a bar where you can be left alone and quietly watch an informative episode of "How It's Made," OR jam out to the jammiest jams while you strike up a conversation with a stranger. Great people, awesome weekly specials and the informal touch you won't get many other places downtown. DIVEbar's a place for people who love dive bars, just not the smell of piss and Lysol."

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