December First Friday guide

Published Mon, Dec 03, 2012 06:55 AM
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See more work by Sarah Cawn at Nicole's Studio and Art Gallery during First Friday. Courtesy of Nicole's Studio and Art Gallery

Submitted by Melissa Howsam — Correspondent

LOCAL COLOR GALLERY: Sixth Annual “Sisters” Exhibition, 6 to 9 p.m. Runs until Dec. 29.

December's First Friday opening is the sixth annual "Sisters" exhibition, featuring the pottery, jewelry and paintings of local artists and Raleigh natives, Mary Beth Owen-Zdanski and Virginia Owen. "We have worked hard to produce some new and detailed work, along with some sculptures that would make great Holiday gifts — all very reasonably priced!”

— Adrien Montoya, manager, Local Color Gallery

BLAKE STREET STUDIOS: Wood, Paper, Paint, 6 to 10 p.m. Runs until Dec. 28.

This is a bright and lively show full of fresh talent. All four artists have their own strong voice and have put up a show full of bold color and contemporary work.

— Jen Hales, gallery manager, Blake Street Studios

NICOLE’S STUDIO AND ART GALLERY: "It’s a Colorful Life" Annual Holiday Group Arts and Crafts Exhibit, 6 to 8:30 p.m. Runs until Dec. 29.

Discover arts and crafts by our locally to nationally recognized artists. From art-glass angels by Sarah Cawn to scenic NC by Wyn Easton and award-winning cows by Diana Coidan, in addition to internationally collected artists, Lori Putnam, Nicole Kennedy, Dan Nelson and more.

— Nicole Kennedy, owner and artist, Nicole’s Studio and Art Gallery

GALLERY C: Our Holiday Exhibition, 6 to 9 p.m. Runs until Dec. 30.

Gallery C’s “Creative Collection the Annual Holiday Exhibition” includes over 75 artworks by local, national and international artists and craftspeople. The exhibition integrates paintings, furniture, folk art, handmade ornaments and decorative objects. The distinctive array of treasures and wonders are displayed beautifully in the historic c.1901 Russ-Edwards House, the home of Gallery C.

We will be spotlighting folk art exhibiting new works by Missionary Mary Proctor throughout the gallery. We will also be having a special weekend of "Art on the Porch" with one of our favorite artists, Danny Doughty on Saturday, Dec. 8, and Sunday, Dec. 9. Please join us on First Friday for our Holiday Party. We look forward to seeing you.

— Sharon Bell Glazener, art and framing associate, Gallery C

ARTSPACE: December First Friday Exhibitions. Open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. First Friday reception kicks off at 6 p.m. Includes four main events:

Gallery One: “Fine Contemporary Craft,” National Biennial Juried Exhibition. Runs until Jan. 12. Award Presentation will take place at 7:30 p.m.

“Fine Contemporary Craft” is Artspace’s national biennial juried exhibition. Craftspeople and artists working in a variety of craft media were encouraged to submit both functional and nonfunctional works. Juror Gwynne Rukenbrod selected 33 works for exhibition, including award recipients, from a pool of more than 430 works of art.

Gallery Two: New Works by Chris Watts. Runs until Jan. 26.

Chris Watts appropriates imagery from vintage popular magazines such as Ebony, Life, and Essences to create commentaries on the peculiar nature of his present-day social reality as an African-American man living in the American South. In reframing these narratives to comment on sociopolitical issues that are simultaneously singular and universal, these images sarcastically seek to expose the hypocrisy of the “glam” and “artificial” backdrops from which these media constructs are pulled.

Upfront Gallery: “Nothing’s Black and White” by Julie Brooks and Kiki Farish. Runs until Dec. 29.

Julie Brooks and Kiki Farish express two different interpretations of duality. Both work off emotive intent where content is communicated by subject and form. Their work approaches the unspoken of life circumstance, and exposes the suppressed subtlety of beauty in the struggle to create new definitions. Brooks uses metalsmithing techniques to portray the inconsistent nature of human relationships and their tendencies toward fluctuation and emotional susceptibility. The resultant confliction of detours from defined paths is conveyed through organic imagery adjacent to structural forms. Farish uses compositions on clayboard of graphite with swirling motions of flora fused with text to suggest the subtle and polite statements of social matters. The words or verbal communication and images or visual communication inform, but do not define meaning. The drawing process inspires movement and a compressed synopsis of life cycles, resulting in progressive layers that must be read from varying distances.

Lobby: “All Creatures Here Below” by Shannon Newby. Runs until Dec. 29.

In a society that emphasizes convenience, a sense of entitlement and a near-complete reliance on digital technologies, Shannon Newby is interested in the art of thoughtful observation and celebration of tactile experiences within a particular space. Newby notes that she draws much of her inspiration from natural forms and complex microcosms. Working with wax, cloth, metal, dried plant matter, old books, found objects and mixed media, she aims to re-contextualize the materials into installations, sculptures and wall hangings, inviting viewers to engage the physicality of the work before them.

— Mary Poole, executive director, Artspace

BURNING COAL THEATRE: "As You Like It," by William Shakespeare, 7:30 to 10 p.m. Runs until Dec. 16.

Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy romp about Rosalind, her beloved Orlando, and the fools, vagrants and country folk waiting in the forest of Arden to steal her heart!

— Jerome Davis, artistic director, Burning Coal Theatre

VISUAL ART EXCHANGE: Includes two main events:

Sale for the Season, 6 to 10 p.m. Runs until Dec. 22.

Sale for the Season is the best opportunity for VAE members to make their art available for purchase this holiday season and for shoppers to get original, thoughtful gifts! All work is priced at $300 or less.

“Still Life Revisited,” work by Jo Ann H. Hart, 6 to 10 p.m. Runs until Dec. 14. Artist talk at 6 p.m.

“Still Life Revisited” will feature mixed media illuminaries and interactive panel installations by artist Jo Ann H. Hart. This work will be featured in the cube.

— Meredith Burgess, exhibitions director, Visual Art Exchange

LGBT CENTER OF RALEIGH: 2010 Artist Retrospective and Craft Fair, 6 to 9 p.m. Runs until the end of December.

The LGBT Center of Raleigh's First Friday Art Series has featured wonderful artists throughout the year. For the last First Friday of 2012, the Center will host seven of the artists featured this year, as well as one new artist; their work will remain up for the rest of the month. The walls will be covered with wonderfully vibrant work and will be representative of the great shows we've been fortunate to have this year. Moreover, the Center will also have artisans selling locally made crafts—from handmade goat milk soap to bow-ties. Be sure to pop by to finish up your holiday shopping, reconnect with friends and enjoy great complimentary refreshments while viewing the art, crafts and Center library! See y'all there!

— Matthew Mirarchi, First Friday coordinator, LGBT Center of Raleigh (quoting artist, Clara Khanessah Johnson)

THE WINE FEED: Sip, Shop and Send: First Friday @ The Wine Feed, 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. Runs until Dec. 14.

Join The Wine Feed for an evening of art, wine and shopping for a First Friday wine-tasting event featuring local artists from Capital H Creative. In addition to music, wine and local artwork, the event will offer one-stop holiday shopping for attendees to peruse through gift packages, while helpers will be available to wrap presents, making gift-giving simple. The Cupcake Shoppe will also offer delicious samples of desserts paired with wines selected by The Wine Feed’s experts. Visit for details.

— Phillip Zucchino, co-founder, The Wine Feed

TIPPING PAINT GALLERY: Seven Solutions to Holiday Giving, 6 to 9:30 p.m. Runs until Dec. 30.

 Tipping Paint Gallery's current exhibit is filled with small paintings, calendars and glassware, ranging from contemplative naturalism to explosions of vivid hue. The Gallery offers a wealth of ideas for holiday giving this season.

— Susan Jones, gallery co-owner/artist, Tipping Paint Gallery

THE MAHLER FINE ART: Closing Reception for artist Richard Garrison’s exhibition, “Trees and the Listening Sky,” 6 to 9 p.m. Runs until Dec. 11.

Artist Richard Garrison lives in the Hudson building in downtown Raleigh. Garrison’s mixed-media paintings of trees around Raleigh and Paris capture the power and sculptural beauty of trees without leaves and the conversation they have with the listening sky.

— Shawn Brewster, art consultant, The Mahler Fine Art

AIA NC CENTER FOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN: “Arts for Life” Exhibit, 6 to 9 p.m. Runs until Dec. 21.

Arts for Life, which brings dynamic art lessons to patients with serious illnesses and disabilities, ages 2-24, will be featuring their patients' artwork at the AIA NC Center for Architecture and Design on First Friday! By providing educational art programs, Arts for Life aims to enrich patients' lives, nurture their minds and spirits, and encourage positive healthcare experiences. Explore the art exhibit, enjoy live music, food and drink, find prints and holiday cards for sale, and take part in a raffle.

— Keri Dixon, commuications director, AIA North Carolina

THE MORNING TIMES: "Power and Perspective in Young Children’s Art," Work from the studio of Bright Horizons at the Enrichment Center, RTP, curated by Patrick Manning, 6 to 11 p.m., with slide presentation at 7 p.m. Runs until Dec. 31.

A departure from typical gallery fare, this show is meant to bring awareness to the power and importance of early childhood artistic development. Instructor Patrick Manning will showcase selected student works and do a presentation on the Bright Horizons program.

— Casey Porn, gallery director, The Morning Times

DESIGNBOX: Brand Fandango XI, 6 to 10 p.m. Runs until Dec. 22 (with shop hours Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sat. noon to 4 p.m.)

Tis the Season! And the December Brand Fandango Shop is shaping up to be awesome for its 11th year. BRAND FANDANGO features a fun collection from local artists & artisans. Do all of your seasonal shopping right in your own backyard! Come and see the best most diverse collection of the areas artists, crafters and designers all in one shop. As always we will be open late for the monthly Downtown First Friday Gallery Walk! Also Elemental Chocolates will be in the shop sharing their love of Chocolate with Samples and priceless bits of chocolate knowledge, & ABAN will be sharing the story of their Bags.

— Beth Khalifa, co-owner, designbox

PODS ART ON THE INSIDE: “Goop” by Raleigh Charter High School’s Vegan Snake Club at Visual Art Exchange, 6 to 9 p.m. Runs only on First Friday.

Raleigh Charter High School's Vegan Snake Club presents "Goop," an art installation based on the interaction between a giant stalactite and stalagmite and the radioactive ground underneath. The installation created inside a PODS storage container will address issues of global warming, science fiction, fantasy and alchemy. The Vegan Snake Club is a socially conscious, community-based, conceptual-art initiative made up of Raleigh Charter High School students in 10th through 12th-grades.

— Bill Thelen, visual art instructor and Vegan Snake Club leader, Raleigh Charter High School


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