Nightlife Diaries: Coglin's Raleigh

Published Tue, Feb 26, 2013 08:41 AM
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Submitted by Red Rover — Correspondent

Coughlin's Law: "Anything else is always something better" — that is, until you've been to Fayetteville Street's newest foray into the awesomeness that was the '80s and '90s with Coglin's — its name, despite spelling variation, inspired by the quintessential '80s Tom Cruise bar flick "Cocktail" that had every boy wanting to be him and every broad wanting to, er... date him.

Adding a third to Ben Yanessa and Zack Medford's ever-expanding bar biz (think Isaac Hunter's, book-ending Fayetteville Street by the capitol, and Joel Lane's, its sister sips and sup spot holding down Glo-So), Coglin's effectively answers Doug Coughlin's diet: "cocktails and dreams" (you can almost picture it in pink neon, "blink blink - blinkety blink") and effectively fills a hole in the local bar market. Who doesn't wanna put life on rewind, plop on some parachute pants, crimp your hair and breakdance the night away with the city's finest bar beauties? Or make like fresh prince and, well, get jiggy with it, obv, in a bar where the '80s and '90s decor somehow justifies the breakout "Thriller" group dance in the middle of the bar (aw, MJ is bringing people together) or the limbo line down the bar (no, really) or the cacophonous bar chorus of Hanson's one-hit-wonder "MMMBOP" (oddly people only know the chorus - and then they yell it. good times). And this was on a Thursday. But clearly it's everyday fun in retro.

It must be the magic of the DeLorean mini model or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures and the quintessential movie posters (I mean, it's like hanging with Ferris Bueller on his day off, but without the fear of detention or getting grounded). Or, maybe it's the postcards from era superstars that adorn the bar walls to true namesake Randy Coglin, who co-owner Medford explains as "a notorious bartender who lived his glory days in the '80s and '90s ... he basically played a behind the scenes role in practically every major pop culture phenomenon of the time."

Crafty. So whether it's Coglin or Coughlin or friggin' Vanilla Ice that brings your booty to the bar, just bring it. And shake that money-maker.

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