Elevation Burger hopes to 'elevate' food expectations in the Triangle

Published Fri, Aug 16, 2013 08:22 AM
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Submitted by Melissa Howsam — Correspondent

If you're wondering where the beef is, it's clearly at Brier Creek — and in an all new way — as Elevation Burger is opening tomorrow.

All-natural organic, affordable, “fast” food that until now you could only enjoy locally in your own kitchen, Elevation’s burger is, well, bangin’ (not to mention their sweet treats). Opening its doors for a media sneak peak on Thursday (in collaboration with Yelp), Elevation’s burger (for me, with the fixins—um, they have hot relish) is easily the best (and healthiest) burger I've had in town, and no doubt left me jonesin’ for my next visit. I may dream about that chocolate strawberry Oreo shake until then. But I digress.

Out of Virginia, Elevation makes its Triangle debut with the Brier Creek outpost, bringing their 100-percent USDA-certified grass-fed, free-range beef to town. The family-friendly sup spot will kick off its Grand Opening in style with celebration festivities (noon to 5p.m.) including cornhole, a kids’ coloring corner, face-painting, photo booth with farmscapes (who doesn’t want to memorialize fun-for-the-whole-family burger shenanigans) and more — for fun, but also to offer some educational insight into what the brand is all about.

Elevating “your taste buds to the next level,” its name is inspired by the U2 song “Elevation.” “I think we’re going to ‘elevate’ the expectations for food here in the Triangle,” said owner Marc Finch. “It’s wonderful. I grew up in Raleigh, and I’m glad to be back in Raleigh and bring a brand unlike Raleigh has seen.”

Promising the “best-tasting, better-for-you burger” on their signage, the beef boutique isn’t just for the beef eaters. With veggie (a blend of veggies) and vegan burger options (made with organic ingredients), fresh-cut heart-healthy fries (cooked in olive oil) and fresh-scooped ice cream and malts (OK—that’s a splurge), you really can’t go wrong.

“Elevation is quite good,” said Yelp reviewer Jennifer Buchholz. “I’m lovin’ the shakes … and the cheddar cheese on the burger is absolutely fabulous. The Elevation sauce is lovely — it’s a good combination. I’m thoroughly enjoying all of it.”

Friend and Yelp reviewer Sara Verrett agreed. “I think it’s fantastic. The flavors work really, really well together. Everything is very fresh. It’s nothing overly greasy like you would think with normal fast food, so it’s fantastic — but it is still really quick so you can easily jump in here for lunch. And like [Jennifer] said, the shakes are phenomenal. It’s great combinations and each and every single one of them is good.”

Beyond delivering a healthy fix for burger-esque hankerings, Elevation is rising up in eco impact as well, committed to green practices, including recycling and using sustainable materials and energy-efficient equipment. Sounds like a win-win for health-conscious consumers.

And if the sneak peak reviews are any indication, Elevation Burger has already elevated the food scene here in the Triangle. “It’s very different than anything currently available in Raleigh, and I’m just glad to be a part of it,” said Finch. “I think the Triangle will really embrace it and have fun doing it.”

Looks like they’re off to a good start.

Note: Elevation Burger will also be collecting school supplies to donate to Brier Creek Elementary School during its Grand Opening event.

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