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Published Mon, Feb 17, 2014 11:02 AM
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See more work from Lucartha Kohler at Durham Art Guild's Room 100 gallery at Golden Belt. Courtesy of Durham Art Guild

Submitted by Melissa Howsam — Correspondent

DURHAM ART GUILD ALLENTON GALLERY (Lower level DAC Building, 120 Morris St.): Circling Around, 5 to 7 p.m. Exhibit runs through March 1.

The Durham Art Guild presents “Circling Around,” featuring mixed-media paintings by DAG member artist Joyce Wynes.

— Katie Seiz, director, DAG Gallery

DURHAM ART GUILD ROOM 100 GALLERY AT GOLDEN BELT (Building 3 Golden Belt 807 E. Main St.): Tarot, featuring glass sculptures by DAG member artist Lucartha Kohler, 6 to 9 p.m. Exhibit runs through March 2.

The Durham Art Guild presents “Tarot,” featuring glass sculptures by DAG member artist Lucartha Kohler.

Lucartha Kohler moved to Durham from Philadelphia several years ago. She has been working with glass since 1974 and has lectured, taught and frequently exhibited her work in the United States and abroad. Since her relocation to the Triangle, she has shown her work in a number of exhibitions, including several UNC Botanical Garden annual Sculpture shows, a Scrapelhill Exhibit, Green Hill Gallery in Greensboro’s Annual Winter Show and Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill. She says of her work, “For most of my life I have been an artist, and as an artist I was fascinated with light. As an adult, I saw how glass as a material could work with light to make my art. Glass, unlike any other material, illustrates the myriad qualities of light, and metaphorically serves as a spiritual symbol. It seemed fitting to me to make work from glass because when light interacts with a solid frosted glass object, the object glows, seeming to contain an inner light.

— Katie Seiz, director, DAG Gallery and Lucartha Kohler, artist

DURHAM ART GUILD SEMANS GALLERY (Upper level DAC Building, 120 Morris St.): Sweet Arts Preview and Appreciation Reception, 7 to 10 p.m. during the gala event. Exhibit runs through Feb. 28.

The Durham Art Guild's Sweet Arts donated artworks will be one view leading up to our 20th Annual Sweet Arts Art Auction & Fundraiser on Friday Feb. 28. Third Friday Feb. 21 will be a preview of the over 100 donated works of art and an appreciation party for the donating artists.

— Katie Seiz, director, DAG Gallery

PLEIADES GALLERY: Glow, 6 to 9 p.m. Artists’ Salon, Thursday, Feb. 27, 6 to 8 p.m. On view until March 8.

“Glow” is a radiant collection of new work by Pleiades Gallery artists Jena Matzen and Saba Barnard that showcases their individual talents as jeweler and painter. Using their respective mediums and subject matter—which share elements of pattern, bold color and use of gold—each explores and interprets all that glows. In addition to the Third Friday reception, Pleiades Gallery invites you to join Matzen and Barnard for an Artists' Salon on Thursday, Feb. 27, 6 to 8 p.m.

— Jena Matzen, member artist, Pleiades Gallery

SPECTRE ARTS: THE SOCHI PROJECT, 6 to 9 p.m. Runs until Feb. 23.

Photographer Rob Hornstra and writer/filmmaker Arnold van Bruggen have been practicing “slow journalism” in Sochi, Russia—host of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games—since 2007, documenting the changes in the area. This newsprint exhibition, specially designed for Paris Photo 2012, focuses primarily on recent work and depicts several contrasting themes from the project.

— via SPECTRE Arts

LABOURLOVE GALLERY: Open reception with the artists at LabourLove! 6 to 9 p.m. Free and open to the public.

Come join us for a little wine and art during Third Friday events at LabourLove! LabourLove Gallery is a collective of North Carolina painters, jewelers and designers located in Golden Belt.

Call For Artists! LabourLove has spaces available! If you are interested in joining the collective, check out our website and download an application today at

— Kelly Dew, creative director, LabourLove Gallery

THROUGH THIS LENS: The Five Mona Lisa's, Four Enigmas and Some Juicy Surfaces photographs by Eleanor Mills opening reception, 6 to 9 p.m. Exhibit runs through March 15.

The Mona Lisa’s are a playful expression of modern portraiture toying with class and history using digital photography substituting for oil paints and lovingly framed in handmade repurposed materials. The gold-gilding and elaborate tooling speaks to a different country and lifestyle. These are modern women who run your office, teach your children, drive the school bus and make your community function. The Mona Lisa’s are a modern interpretation of the elusive, secret smile. Four Enigmas, each about observing the power of water, illustrates the curve and beauty found in this most basic, natural element. The Juicy Surfaces are better seen than described.

Eleanor Mills has been photographing and exhibiting her work locally and regionally since she landed in Durham, a sleepy little tobacco town, in1989. She also worked in the world of books at a local university. Mills spent many weekends in the haze of developer, stop bath & fixer, surfacing to eat peanut butter sandwiches and pin up fiber prints on her exhibiting wall in the living room, long before moving into the digital world.

— Roylee Duvall, gallery director, Through This Lens

BULL CITY ARTS COLLABORATIVE/HORSE & BUGGY PRESS – UPFRONT GALLERY: Hawks & Doves custom bags & pillows, 6 to 9 p.m. On view until March 22.

The feed sacks and textiles that Jessica Ullom uses in her wares were produced between 1920 and the early 1970s, in the United States, and used on U.S. farms. These sacks have had a strong stitch in the American quilt, serving as a necessity to farmers, and to mothers and grandmothers who used them for clothing and blankets. Jessica spends many hours searching for these vintage textiles and then skillfully transforms them into durable goods for the modern world.

— Dave Wofford, curator/foyer gallery, BCAC/Horse & Buggy Press

THE CARRACK MODERN ART: Monsieur Contraste and The Church of Photography, 6:30 p.m. doors open, drinks, food, opportunity to preview art; 7:30 p.m. film starts; 8:33 p.m. church and photography reception. On view until March 1.

“Monsieur Contraste” is a full feature documentary film by award-winning filmmaker Rodrigo Dorfman. It is an intimate portrait of an artist who struggles with the demons of marketing, unfolds as Jean Christian Rostagni’s wife gives him one year to make some good money or face the prospect of bagging groceries at Whole Foods. Jean Christian, aka Monsieur Contraste, sets up a homegrown art gallery in his house that he calls the Church of Photography, and the rest is a really fun and provocative documentary about art, commercialism and the price an artist has to pay to remain true to his vision.

— Laura Ritchie, director, The Carrack

Note: Event is $5.

GREEN GALLERY AT THE SCRAP EXCHANGE: ABCs of Reuse, an exhibit featuring mosaic artwork created and curated by Jeannette Brossart, 6 to 9 p.m. Runs until March 15.

Through her work in the mosaic medium, artist Jeannette Brossart considers reuse a personal challenge that showcases the beauty and viability of nontraditional components. “It is exhilarating,” Brossart says, “to transform a piece of glass into a bird feather, a human pupil or leaf blowing in the wind.”

— Roderick McClain, gallery coordinator, The Scrap Exchange

COMMUNECOS RECYCLIQUE: Culturing Leadership: A talk by Ruth Backstrom & Kay Joyner, 6 to 8 p.m.

Sixth in a Series of Interactive Discussions on strengthening our democracy: including excerpts from video of Bill Moyers with Tim DeChristopher. Visionaries take us outside our cultural milieu. How can we support and encourage ourselves to become the leaders we want to see in the world? We need all kinds of leaders to help make the transition to a sustainable society. $5 suggested donation, no one turned away. Co-sponsored by Transition Durham.

— Sandy Smith-Nonini, coordinator, Communecos Recyclique


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